A Brief Biography

Jess is a writer, educator, theatre professional and performer living in London. She is a queer feminist and activist, whose writing focusses on LGBTQ+ character representation, mental health visibility, and the lives of women. She works as deputy head of lighting at the Young Vic Theatre in London where she often designs shows. She also works as a mentor and visiting lecturer at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.


Her story Destiny appears in For Books' Sake’s anthology ‘(Re)Sisters’. Her work has also appeared in Novelty Magazine, The Tiny Narrative tiny letter, and on Dear Damsels.

She is currently working on a novel, Dear Lina, a speculative fiction piece about immigration and inheritance, centring the stories of a queer mother and daughter.

She writes alongside an incredible, inspiring creative collective of women who met through the Write Like a Grrrl course.


Jess has worked in theatre lighting for ten years, first as a freelance technician and programmer, and now as deputy head of lighting at the Young Vic Theatre. In 2016 she completed her masters degree in Light and Lighting at UCL, writing her dissertation on the role of lighting in visitor behaviour in museums.

She also works as a lighting designer, enjoying working on community projects and devised pieces that make a tangible difference to the lives of the participants.


Jess regularly performs her writing at spoken word nights in London. Her particular favourite is That’s What She Said, a fiercely feminist night championing and centring the writing of women and non binary writers.

And (because she wasn't quite busy enough already) she started performing as a drag king. Whilst she doesn’t have as much time as she would like to explore this side of her performance life, every opportunity to fuck with gender norms is a welcome one. 

She is often to be found procrastinating with cake. 

@jglaisher, imaginationadded.blogspot.co.ukjgrenaissencewoman.com